Time Saver

Smoohth’s automated tools for strategic planning, site selection and campaign management mean you can save up to 80% of the time involved with an OOH campaign. No cutting and pasting photos into powerpoints, no lengthy e-mails to media owners, no struggling to compare sites between providers, no bolting together proof of posting reports.

Quality Outputs

Smoohth’s automated client presentations and plan sharing technologies mean you can quickly share the data with confidence your plan will look great and present intelligent data. Once you’ve booked the campaign, the campaign management tools and post campaign analysis system will help you complete the job efficiently and professionally.

Make OOH A Viable Solution

If OOH is easy and quick to plan and manage then you can confidently include it as a solution on more campaigns, just like you’ve always wanted to.

OOH That's Accountable

Smoohth presents site data that is comparable and easily analysed. It’s easier to understand and this gives you the confidence to create that plan.

Aggregation is the Answer

By providing an integrated environment for you to assess the relative merits of individual sites and packages you can quickly assure yourself you’re planning the very best possible campaign for your client. Doing all the planning in one aggregated environment, based on consistent data means you’re planning, not guessing.