Interfacing with Smoohth Planner

The Smoohth planner needs access to your site database to extract details and availability.

Smoohth already has interfaces to the Signz Billboard Management system.

"The Signz software package is a complete booking, billing and management system suitable for use by companies selling out-of-home, billboard, indoor, street furniture, in-store / point-of-purchase and mobile advertising space"

If you are looking for a way to manage your sites then we recommend Signz.

If you are managing your sites with another system (or even if you are using spreadsheets) let us know and we will write an interface to the Smoohth planner for you.

Here is a list of the information held by Smoohth for each of your panels:

Address - Physical address of the panel.
Availability - monthly/weekly availability.
Comment - A description of the panel benefits etc.
CPM - Cost per thousand views.
Features - A list of panel features.
Gps - The GPS location of the panel.
Install Cost - The installation cost for the panel.
Installation Notes - Any installer notes for the panel.
Lit - Set to true if the panel is illuminated.
Orientation - The direction the panel is facing.
Production Notes - Any notes regarding production of skins etc for the panel.
Rate Card - The rate card for the panel.
Resources - Images, promotional videos, static maps etc associated with the panel.
Restrictions - A list of restrictions on the panel. (e.g. No Alcohol)
SiteId - A unique Id for the panel.
Size - The horizontal and vertical dimension of the panel.
Size Group - The size group for the panel. (e.g. 6m x 3m, Spectacular)
StreetView - Google Streetview information. (Enables the client to view the panel in Google Streetview)
Visuals - The monthly visuals for the panel.