Time Saver

Smoohth’s automated tools for strategic planning, site selection and campaign management mean your clients can save up to 80% of the time involved with an OOH campaign. Likewise your sales team can bypass a great deal of time consuming admin work. This means your team can focus on selling the media and your clients can focus on developing and presenting OoH media plans in the best possible manner.

Quality Outputs

Smoohth makes it easy to showcase your sites and packages, add relevant "Points of Interest", provide Google Streetview links and generate presentations. You and your agency clients can have confidence that the plans look great, are accurate and the choices stack up. Plans can be shared by email for discussion and review. On booking Smoohth generates campaign management tools and post campaign analysis that will assist all parties to carry through campaigns efficiently and professionally.

Increase Viability

Are the media agencies telling you that OOH is too hard to plan and manage and there is little accountability? Would they spend more on OOH if these problems were solved? Smoohth is here to solve these problems and "grow the pie".

Make OOH Accountable

Smoohth presents site data that is comparable and easily analysed. It’s easier to understand and gives you and your clients sales team confidence in the plans.

Aggregation is the Answer

Media agencies want to buy OOH from a single source. A one stop shop for OOH makes it easy to deal with, easy to evaluate, easy to compare, easy to analyse and more accountable. Aggregation puts OOH on the same footing as other key media offerings. Buyers can plan and buy OOH with confidence knowing they’ve done a great job and can prove this to their customer.

Smoohth can optionally aggregate your sites with other Smoohth users to increase the number of media buyers seeing and buying your inventory.